My Research Plan


In order to further investigate, and hopefully answer my main research question, I will be doing extensive research using the internet, interviews and possible Twitter conversations. The article from Learning and Leading with Technology that I read on the first day of class was a great introduction of the Maker Movement. I’m planning on rereading that to begin my research and mostly see where that leads me. I’ve followed many people on Twitter related to Maker Spaces and I’ve been monitoring their activity. I think they’re tweets will help me invaluably because it will give me an inside perspective from k12 teachers.

During this semester, I’d like to specifically research how Maker Spaces can be beneficial in k12 classrooms. I’m considering narrowing my question down to just elementary school classrooms but for now I would like to keep it broader, so that I don’t miss any possibly valuable information. In addition to looking up benefits, I’m curious about how k12 classrooms are using Maker Spaces. I want to know if they are using these areas as just a creative outlet for kids to just create or if they are being used as another way for children be evaluated. If there is time, I’d like to investigate Maker Faire a little bit and see how this contributes to k12 classroom Maker Spaces.

As far as organizing my information, I’m going to start with my broad question and see, based on the amount of information that I find, if it needs to narrowed down. If I decide that it needs to be narrowed down, I will reevaluate and post about my newly adapted question. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to explore all aspects of Maker Spaces in k12 classrooms but with Maymester, that may just not be possible. I’d like to do a post just on what Maker Spaces are and how they’ve developed from there, I will really begin digging in deep and searching for answers to my main question.


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