What is a Maker Space?



Today I’d like to just introduce what maker spaces are. At first I was going to jump in with benefits of maker spaces but I think it’s really important to put an in depth description of what maker spaces are on my blog. So, let’s start with that! I began by going back and reading the Learning and Leading Through Technology article The Maker Movement. This is such a great article. It goes really in depth about the Maker Movement and it even brings up a lot of benefits of maker spaces. But, we’ll revisit that later. After reading that article I googled a few more websites to see how other people defined Maker Spaces.

What I found:

A maker space is simply an area that allows people to come together to work on self-directed projects. Being a self-directed area is a huge part of what makes a maker space a maker space. It’s important to have the kids create. On their own. Maker spaces weren’t necessarily started with the intention to be used in schools. As this website explains, maker spaces were mostly started non-academically. Although, they are beginning to shift in to public schools, they are not the precedent yet. Many public school are somewhat afraid of maker spaces because of the possible financial toll they can have. However, many of the websites I visited pointed out that maker spaces don’t have to be an elaborate, technologically advanced area. Kids can benefit from just having art supplies in a maker space. Of course, having a 3D printer or a room full of iPads certainly does provide benefits, they are not necessary. Basically, maker spaces come in all shapes and sizes and they all come with their own set of benefits!

Next time, I hope to explore one of the benefits of maker spaces that I found! I also found a cool website that allows you to put in your zip code and it’ll tell you about maker spaces near you!


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  1. I agree I think the public schools might be leery about maker space just because of potential cost. Like you said though, it doesn’t have to get expensive. Have you thought about an interview with your sister to learn more about it and what resources she uses? Also Pinterest seems to have a lil bit of knowledge on everything these days if you need more sources. 🙂 Who knows you might market this to schools one day! Nice work!

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