What is a MakerFaire?



Before I wrap up my blog, I decided to do a quick post on what a MakerFaire is. Although this isn’t helping me answer my big question, I think it’s a very important topic to address. I think it’s important for you to learn what a MakerFaire is because that is a really good way for educators and everyday people to experience and learn about maker spaces. Generally, a MakerFaire is a place where people come together and experience maker spaces. People from all of your area will come up with booth ideas that somehow fit in a maker space like category. People can then go to the MakerFaire, for free, to take part in all the booths and actually do the activities that the booths have set up. 

There are MakerFaires all over the country but I’m going to focus specifically on the one in Atlanta. MakerFaire Atlanta will take place October 4-5 in downtown Decatur. Anyone who wants to participate in MakerFaire is free to do so. You can go as a simple participant and just observe and partake in activities that booths offer. Or you can come up with an idea and make your own booth! You don’t have to be an expert on a topic to come up with your own booth. You just have to have an idea! I think that’s one aspect of MakerFaires that is really neat. Anyone can have a booth! Well, if you fill out the MakerFaire applications. It’s important that anyone can possibly have a booth because it kind of continues the maker space philosophy that we’re all creative and can learn a lot by creating.

I really hope that I can make it to MakerFaire Atlanta. To learn more about MakerFaire Atlanta visit their website!


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